February 1, 2011

New release in February – *salire

Hello !

A new release from *salire, a winter item!

*salire Layered dress & turtle knit.

This is One-Piece dress which can also be worn as a top.
This item includes a knitted turtleneck sweater.

Also, a new group gift is out.
It`s a different colour of the new release.
This item does not include a knitted turtleneck sweater, but please try mixing and matching with any sweaters you might already have.

*Please note* Our main store has moved.
*salire Main Store

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December 16, 2010

New release & 1L$ gift – *salire

Hi! This is *salire.

In response to a request from one of my friends, I`ve released some fur skirts.
3 colors, 35L$ each / FAT pack 90L$

And I offer you a little present for Christmas with my best wishes, a tweed one piece ! this is a classical one piece for everyday wear. It comes with 2 different types of skirt.

This gift is available in store for 1L$ Please grab this gift if you like.

In addition, please check out lucky board items as below !

This item is available at
*salire Main store

This item is available at
*salire oto-no mori branch

I wish you a merry Christmas (ノ´∀`*)

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December 6, 2010

New release in December – *salire

Hello ! This is *salire.
Christmas is still 3 weeks away, but shop windows in Japan become devoted completely to Christmas. Yes, we are ready for Christmas !

Anyway, we have just released a new item for December !!

*salire Ribbon mini dress 4 types 50L$ each / FAT pack 180L$

Also lucky board items are available now, 2 types of colors as below, a simple collar one.
This pink one is available exclusively at main store.

And this orange one is available exclusively at oto-no mori branch

We also released ‘gacha’ items ( available at main store ). Gacha vendors are similar to the coin-operated toy vending machines seen outside of grocery stores.
A. A plain knit muffler and arm warmers set 1PLAY 15L$

B. A pattern muffler 1PLAY 7L$

*salire Main store

*salire oto-no mori branch

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November 22, 2010

New releases in November – *salire

Hello ! This is *salire .
We have just released 3 new items for late autumn !!

1. *salire nordic knit

This item can be worn as a one-piece or as a top by adjusting the prim.
3 types of colors 50L$ each / FAT pack 135L$

2. *salire sleeveless knit

This is a simple baggy knit sweater. And this skirt comes in two versions, a box pleat and a normal (sculpted prim) version.
sleeveless nit : 5 types of colors 35L$ each / FAT pack 150L$
wool check skirt in 4 colors 40L$ each / FAT pack 140L$

A group gift is also available. Knitted knee-high socks (2 different colors).

Please drop by our store to check out these items. ゚+.*+.

*salire Main store
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