October 26, 2011

*salire – store-closing sale until Oct 31st, 2011

Due to my physical condition, it becomes more difficult for me to keep on releasing new items with regularity.
So I concluded to close our main store at the end of October, 2011.

Thanks to the owner of Oto no mori for kindly offering us the place to set out our vendors from this month.
But we have to reduce the number of our vendors because of shortage of prims.
I don’t think I release new items in the future, but just in case I change my mind, I will set out new items here at oto no mori .
Please visit Oto no mori to get lucky board items which have been released.

In addition, we are going to have a special discount on several items exclusively at main store.

I really want to thank all customers for loving our products !!
Please get this item at main store or from group notice !

*salire main store

Oto no mori branch



June 17, 2011

New releases & LB items in June – *saire

Hello !
I’m very pleased that many people kindly purchased charity items released the other day. ┏○ペコッ

And now I`m releasing yukata dresses, ready for summer festivals in Japan.

This item includes a normal length dress and long-skirt version as a bonus.

Also, the lucky board item has been updated with an exclusive colour. (This item doesn’t include a skirt version)

One more thing, striped, T-shirt one pieces are now available.
These can be worn three different ways so you can choose your favourite style.

Please come by and take a look !
Now I’m preparing a new group gift, which will be released next week !

*salire main store

*salire @ WordPress

May 29, 2011

New releases & LB items in May – *saire


Hello ´ω`*

I’ve just released new items and set out a new group gift.

 ◎Stripe Tunic Top
2 patterns x 2 types of colors 50L$ each FAT 180L$

You can wear this item as an one-pieces dress.

 ◎Floral print short pants (the right one of this picture)
3 types of colors 40L$ each FAT 100L$
 ◎Gingham Skirt (the left one of this picture)
3 types of colors 40L$ each FAT 100L$

We’re offering 50% discount at the multi-brand store named :*:’Couleur de tout:*: . And this dicount will run for 3 days.
(N.B. We offer a discount exclusively at this multi-brand sotre (no discount at the main store )
Moreover, a lucky board item has been updated at :*:’Couleur de tout:*:


In addtion, a group gift is available. It`s a different color of the new release.

Please grab this item at the main store.

*salire main store

*salire @ WordPress

April 27, 2011

New releases & LB items on April 27th – *salire

Hello! I set out 2 types of one-piece I posted on my blog.

􀀄 Floral one-piece 4 types of colors

✿ One type of one-piece is available on sale exclusively at the multi-brand store named :*:’Couleur de tout:*: for 25L$.
This item is sold for 50L$ at the main store.

Lace one-piece 3 types of colors 50L$ each

✿ Also, Lace one-piece ‘green’ is available for lucky board item at the main store.

Please come by to check these items.♡

March 31, 2011

New releases & LB items in spring – *salire


Hello !
I am pleased to announce that *salire items will be available on sale at the multi-brand store named :*:’Couleur de tout:*: .

At this store, a variety of items are replaced at odd intervals and lucky board items and freebie gifts are extensive, so please check these out. (。◠‿◠。)♡

At the moment, 2 different skirts are available from *salire. It’s kind of rare for salire (no, actually,this is the 1st time !) to release long skirts with spring color.

Pink/Blue 30L$ each

In addtion, a lucky board item is available. It`s a different color of the new release.
Please take a look at this. ♫

:*:’Couleur de tout:*: .

Moreover, short socks are released for spring, too. A ribbon is attached at the back.

This comes in 3 types of colors 30L$ each.

*salire Main Store

 ※ These skirts are available on sale exclusively at :*:’Couleur de tout:*: , and socks exclusively at main store.


*salire @ WordPress

February 1, 2011

New release in February – *salire

Hello !

A new release from *salire, a winter item!

*salire Layered dress & turtle knit.

This is One-Piece dress which can also be worn as a top.
This item includes a knitted turtleneck sweater.

Also, a new group gift is out.
It`s a different colour of the new release.
This item does not include a knitted turtleneck sweater, but please try mixing and matching with any sweaters you might already have.

*Please note* Our main store has moved.
*salire Main Store

*salire @ WordPress

December 16, 2010

New release & 1L$ gift – *salire

Hi! This is *salire.

In response to a request from one of my friends, I`ve released some fur skirts.
3 colors, 35L$ each / FAT pack 90L$

And I offer you a little present for Christmas with my best wishes, a tweed one piece ! this is a classical one piece for everyday wear. It comes with 2 different types of skirt.

This gift is available in store for 1L$ Please grab this gift if you like.

In addition, please check out lucky board items as below !

This item is available at
*salire Main store

This item is available at
*salire oto-no mori branch

I wish you a merry Christmas (ノ´∀`*)

*salire @ WordPress

December 6, 2010

New release in December – *salire

Hello ! This is *salire.
Christmas is still 3 weeks away, but shop windows in Japan become devoted completely to Christmas. Yes, we are ready for Christmas !

Anyway, we have just released a new item for December !!

*salire Ribbon mini dress 4 types 50L$ each / FAT pack 180L$

Also lucky board items are available now, 2 types of colors as below, a simple collar one.
This pink one is available exclusively at main store.

And this orange one is available exclusively at oto-no mori branch

We also released ‘gacha’ items ( available at main store ). Gacha vendors are similar to the coin-operated toy vending machines seen outside of grocery stores.
A. A plain knit muffler and arm warmers set 1PLAY 15L$

B. A pattern muffler 1PLAY 7L$

*salire Main store

*salire oto-no mori branch

*salire @ WordPress

November 22, 2010

New releases in November – *salire

Hello ! This is *salire .
We have just released 3 new items for late autumn !!

1. *salire nordic knit

This item can be worn as a one-piece or as a top by adjusting the prim.
3 types of colors 50L$ each / FAT pack 135L$

2. *salire sleeveless knit

This is a simple baggy knit sweater. And this skirt comes in two versions, a box pleat and a normal (sculpted prim) version.
sleeveless nit : 5 types of colors 35L$ each / FAT pack 150L$
wool check skirt in 4 colors 40L$ each / FAT pack 140L$

A group gift is also available. Knitted knee-high socks (2 different colors).

Please drop by our store to check out these items. ゚+.*+.

*salire Main store
*salire @ WordPress

October 2, 2010

New releases in October – *salire

Hello! Long time no see! I’m back after a long silence due to a broken PC.

These are my new releases !

1. *salire Border knit half dress

This is a stripe pattern, half sleeve length dress. There are 4 different colors. All of them are muted colors with a sense of autumn.

2. *salire Lacy dress
This is a lace mini dress. This comes with a pearl necklace as a bonus.

And our luckyboard has been updated! This is a limited color version of No.1 item.

We are going to set out a group gift soon.
Please come by our store.゚+.*+.

*salire Main store

*salire @ WordPress

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