March 31, 2011

New releases & LB items in spring – *salire


Hello !
I am pleased to announce that *salire items will be available on sale at the multi-brand store named :*:’Couleur de tout:*: .

At this store, a variety of items are replaced at odd intervals and lucky board items and freebie gifts are extensive, so please check these out. (。◠‿◠。)♡

At the moment, 2 different skirts are available from *salire. It’s kind of rare for salire (no, actually,this is the 1st time !) to release long skirts with spring color.

Pink/Blue 30L$ each

In addtion, a lucky board item is available. It`s a different color of the new release.
Please take a look at this. ♫

:*:’Couleur de tout:*: .

Moreover, short socks are released for spring, too. A ribbon is attached at the back.

This comes in 3 types of colors 30L$ each.

*salire Main Store

 ※ These skirts are available on sale exclusively at :*:’Couleur de tout:*: , and socks exclusively at main store.


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