January 25, 2010

*salire – Release: Dolly dress & Dolly dress for 30L$ or less !

Hello! This is salire. How’s it going ? Wow, it’s almost at the end of January… Time flies, and St. Valentine’s day is 20 days from now… Here in Japan, We tend to start preparing every seasonal event earlier than the other countries. So our attentions are now focused on Feb. 14th. In my opinion, Japanese people tend to go crazy for every event from other countries. I don’t know whether it’s good or bad…. But all I want to do is ‘just enjoy it’ 🙂

*salire Dolly dress is St.Valentine’s day conscious-wanpi, and the main theme is ‘girly’.

*salire Dolly dress/Red&Black
*salire Dolly dress/White&Red
*salire Dolly dress/Brown&Fur


And we released *salire check mini skirt. These stuffs are low-rise/mini casual checked skirts and we offer 4 types of colors such as Black, Blue, Pink and Red.

*salire check mini skirt/Black
*salire check mini skirt/Blue
*salire check mini skirt/Pink
*salire check mini skirt/Red


Please ses as below to check them out.

About 2 days from now we offer one color of them for 1L$ !
Please come quick to grab these stuffs to experience how minute these stuffs are, even though they are offered at a low price !

*salire Main shop

*salire @ WordPress


January 8, 2010

*salire – Release: knit tops & fur skirts set for 30L$ & Group gift

Hello! Happy late new year ! This is salire. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I hope everything’s gonna be great this year.

To embark on a new year, we released the first items of this year.
A knit top with pockets and fur skirts set. This set includes a knit skirt, a flippy Skirt and a normal skirt( 2 types of skirts and tops ).

*salire knit fur set/dalmatian 30L$

*salire knit fur set/leopard 30L$

This is a trial set for 1L$, please try this one.

*salire knit check set 1L$

We also offer a group gift of the new year, 5 types of leg warmers. This includes 3 types of leg warmers in matching knit fur sets as above and 2 types of stripes ones.
Please show your group tag and click on the board at the main store. This ones have resize scripts and please click on these ones to adjust the size.

Please come quick to grab this stuffs to survive this cold winter !

notice : Salire Knit Bare Top for 1L$ is available for sale now at the main store now. please grab this , too.

*salire Main shop

*salire @ WordPress

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