December 14, 2009

*salire – New releases for 25L$ & Luckyboard updated

Hello, this is salire. How are you up to ?

I’m very happy to annouce that we have just released a new knit bare top and a checked short pants. They are for 25L$ each and include resize scripts, copy ok / No mod / No trans

1) Basically this bare top is a differently colored type of what we offer at SSUMAll for 1L$ and it’s a bit longer than before, in order to put it on without belly prims.

colors: Red/Brown/Blue/Purple 25L$

2) Short pants are warm tweeds and coordinate with other items, and the attached point of cuffed parts are different from those of knee-high boots, knee-high socks, so we can attach both of them at a time.

colors: Red/Black/Yellow 25L$

We offer a limited, color colored short pants for a lucky board item. Please drop by to check this out.

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