November 4, 2009

*salire – the newest releases


*salire knit long cardigan (Blue/Purple/Red/Brown/Gray) 30L$

This Includes matching socks.

For a limited time, the blue dress is on the lucky board at the main shop.


*salire chidori dress2(Beige/Blue/Black/Ivoly) 30L$

The turtle neck includes 2 types of collar, one with and one without a necklace.


*salire turtle knit dress(Cream/Black/Pink/Red) 30L$

It’s a a very simple one-piece dress.

Try accessorising with a belt or a scarf.


*salire jewel dot dress(Brown/Black) 30L$

Part of the top and the belt are decorated with fur.

This item includes 2 skirt versions, one with and one without the belt.

*salire Main shop

We opened a new branch at SSUMall.

This is a special gift for SSUMall customers only. Salire Knit Bare Top, a dark grey knit tube top with matching arm warmers.

*salire SSU Mall


*salire @ WordPress


*salire – Product information

Let me introduce some of my outstanding products.

Resize scripts are included in the newest releases of our items. These will help you to easily modify them.

The products that contain the resize scripts are copy ok / No mod / No Trans.

The products without the resize scripts are copy ok / Mod ok / NoTrans.

If you have any questions, please contact salire Landar.


From the left,

Dress:*salire satin dress/Pink 30L$

Dress:*salire Halterneck dress/Black 30L$

Dress:*salire Leopard dress/Pinkbrown 30L$ 

(All copy/mod ok)


From the left

1)Dress:*salire salopette dress/Black&White 30L$
( copy ok/ mod ok / No trans )

2)Tops:*salire gimgam tops/Black 30L$
( resize scripts included. copy ok / No mod / No trans )

Skirt:*salire gimgam skirt/Black 25L$

3)Tops:*salire cotton dress/Black 30L$
( copy ok/ mod ok / No trans )

Skirt:*salire denim skirt/Blue 20L$

Socks:*salire socks/Black 10L$

We offer other color variations as well in-store.


The next article is all about our newest releases (Fall-Winter collection).

*salire Main shop

*salire @ WordPress

*salire – Introduction


Hi, this is salire.

I own a fashion store for ladies in SL.

“Cute and low-priced casual clothes” is my motto and every item in my shop is sold for 50L$ or less.

I also offer freebies and lucky board items. Please come and visit my shop.


From the left,

1)Dress:*salire knit long cardigan/red 30L$

2)Dress:*salire long T dress/purple 30L$

3)Skirt&Stockings:*salire jewel skirt & stockings 25L$

4)Dress:*salire turtle knit dress/Pink 30L$

(All items include resize scripts and are copy ok/No mod/No trans)

*salire Main shop

*salire @ WordPress

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